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Hi,My name is Lydia .I come from Northeast city Harbin of China. I graduated from Northeast agriculture University with an undergraduate diploma of teaching the Chinese language. At present, I am studying for a master's degree at sun yat-sen university.  I have been teaching Chinese for 8 years, and my online courses have accumulated over 1000 hours. 
Besides, my English is very fluent, and mandarin pronunciation is quite good, In my class you can learn the following: 
✔the standard Chinese pronunciation 
✔customized learning plans and learning content 
✔the HSK examination skills 
✔the latest and the most interesting things about China 
Most of my students come from European and American countries, from ages 3 to 84. they make great progress. I think that the daily Chinese is the simplest but also the most applicable. My mandarin is very standard, so you don’t need to have to worry about chatting with me to influence my pronunciation practice. 
My Chinese courses have basic Chinese conversation, business Chinese, HSK and Chinese culture. In class, I am good at listening, patient, and well communicating with students of different personalities. 
Now, my formal job is to be a Chinese teacher in school, to teach students Chinese every day. If you study with me, it is very convenient for us to know the national customs of our country. We can talk about the delicious food and interesting local culture. RIGHT NOW learn Chinese with me. 
My available time is: all day weekend, Monday to  Friday night.

Registration date: 2018年05月17日

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