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My name is Lu Dou you can call me Leda. I come from the Guizhou but I live in Chongqing right now. I graduated from Sichuan International Studies University with an undergraduate diploma of Business English. 
I can speak English fluently, so don’t worry if you are beginners. Besides, I can also speak basic Thai sentences. 
In my class you can learn the following: 
✔the standard Chinese pronunciation 
✔daily-used oral Chinese 
✔traveling Chinese and travel strategy in China 
✔the latest and the most interesting things about China 

My major is English and I will further my study in language teaching. I am now learning English and Thai, so I definitely know what it is like to learn foreign languages. I have been helping many Chinese including children and adults learn English. I went to Sri Lanka to teach local kids Chinese in 2016. I also help many of my friends around the world with their Chinese learning.
My students described me as a very patient teacher. I can always use simple examples to explain Chinese grammar and sentences.  
I like arts and crafts, dubbing, baking and I am learning Guitar. 

Look forward to speaking with you!~

Registration date: 2018年04月07日

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