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I am teacher Shao, my Russian name is зоя. I am a student at Southwest University, majoring in Master of Chinese International Education. I have been teaching Chinese for 1 year in the Philippines as a volunteer of Chinese teachers in Confucius Institute.

My English is very fluent, Mandarin is also very standard, and I got the certification of CTCSOL (Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages). I am an active student in university, I have gained a lot of honors and certificates is past 4 years.

Teaching experience:
I have participated in the training of Chinese teacher volunteers in the Philippines and the Russian region, and the total training time is over 80 days. Besides, I have taught Chinese in the Philippines for 1 year, and when I am free in school, I also help other country's students to learn Chinese. Therefore, I have had some experience in teaching Chinese as well as rich theory in teaching Chinese.

I am also good at Chinese culture courses, such as paper cutting, calligraphy, and tea art, and I also have a certificate of tea art level 4.

So in my course, not only we will learn the Chinese language together, but also I would like to share some interesting Chinese culture with you.

/Teacher Shao (зоя)




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