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I am Joyce, from Hubei province of China and now lives in Nantong, Jiangsu province. I graduated from Shanxi University of Finance and Economics majoring in e-commerce. I have received professional training in teaching Chinese language. I have been teaching Chinese for 2.5 years and have accumulated over 2,000 hours. 

I can communicate fluently in English and speak standard mandarin. I can teach Chinese courses such as beginner Chinese, listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese, Chinese test (such as HSK, AP, GCSE, IGCSE, IB, etc.), business Chinese, medicine Chinese, kids Chinese, and using the following Chinese textbooks:

(1)	Generally:
”Pinyin” 拼音
“Chinese Made Easier” 实用速成汉语
” New Practical Chinese Reader” 新实用汉语课本
“Contemporary Chinese” 当代中文
“Intermediate and Advanced Spoken Chinese”  中(高)级汉语口语
“Idiomatic Expressions in Spoken Chinese” 汉语习惯用语
(2)	Chinese test:
“HSK Standard Course” HSK标准教程
“Harvest” for AP test, 收获 
College preparatory course Chinese literature course guidance
(3)	Business Chinese:
“BBC basic Business Chinese” BBC初级实用汉语
“Advanced Business Chinese” 商务汉语提高
“Business Chinese” 公司汉语
“Chinese for Manager” 经理人汉语等

(4)	Children  Chinese:
Some books, like “Easy steps to Chinese”

In my class you can learn the following:
✔ Standard Chinese pronunciation.
✔ Tailored learning plans and learning content.
✔ Chinese test skills.
✔ the latest and the most interesting things about China
✔ Chinese traditional culture, customs, history, etc.
✔ Chinese songs, film, and television

My teaching is characterized by the use of body language, pictures, video and so on a variety of ways, in a short period of time to improve the students' interest in Chinese and to help students understand knowledge.  I will prepare a lot of practice at the same time to ensure that the students master those and know how to use those. In addition, I also give students personalized homework to consolidate after class. 
Normally, I like watching movies, exercising, swimming.

Registration date: 2018年03月20日

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