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My name is Jing Chen and you can call me Jing. I graduated from DongHua University in Shanghai with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. I have lived in Beijing for 10 years. 

I had worked in media and marketing field for over 10 years, I used to be an emcee in a fashion TV program and a project manager in marketing promotion, and I am a new Chinese teacher. I speak standard mandarin and I have adequate experiences in using Chines in the real business field (such as giving a presentation, doing business negotiation, making agreements). From now on, I have studied some popular course in Chinese-teaching, like  ‘New HSK Standard Course’,‘Short-term Spoken Chines’ and ‘International Business Chinese Course’. Furthermore, I collected many teaching cases in Chinese pronunciation, words, phrases, and grammars.

My English is fluent, and in my class, I would like to make a proper learning plan to help you
	Pass the new HSK test 
	Improve the Chines pronunciation 
	Extend more vocabulary and sentence pattern 
	Use Chines in more and more life & work scenes 
I prefer sharing the newest topic in China with my students during the class, and our discussion will consist of the new movies, songs, ideas in China and Chinese people’s viewpoints.

I like tasting all kinds of food, and I am interested in cooking new dishes by myself. I would like to invite you to try my dishes one day.
Come and practice spoken Chinese with Jing now!



	通过新HSK等级考试,
	纠正汉语发音,
	扩展实用的汉语词汇、句型,
	在生活、商务等多场景中熟练运用汉语。




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