How to start a lesson with student

1, Apply to be an online Chinese teacher in cchatty

2, Get approved

3, Edit personal profile: picture, teaching courses, language skill, self-introduction,  certificate and so on. (Teacher Settings - > Edit profile)

4, Release our Chinese lessons, set details lessons introduction, cost, times, and also set Probationary class  (Teacher Settings - > Courses)

5, Release our available time, so the student could only book the lesson according to teacher's time, by the way, the student only could book the next 24 hours lessons. (Teacher Settings - > Availability) 学生只能约定老师24小时之后的课程,不能约定当天的课程。

6, Received the consulting message from a student or official lesson request, in cchatty

7, Reply to the student or accept/reject the request, in cchatty

8, if accept, we need talk about the leaning plan with student, book, learning goals, learning tools, and so on.

9, Prepare the learning materials (book, network, tools ) to the student and write down the Syllabus (in the dashboard, lesson details ) for this lesson

10, Start the lesson, pay attention to  Personal Appearance (the student may reschedule the time before lesson start 24 hours) 学生可以在课程开始的前24小时,重新规划时间。上课时注意个人仪表

11, Complete the lesson, ask the student “complete” the lesson, and write down the feedback and ranking the lesson. And then the lesson statutes will be changed to “completed”  (only the student confirm the lesson, the cost transferred to the teacher) 学生在完成课时后,点击确定完成,老师才能收到费用。

12, Invite the student to start a new lesson

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