*Schedule with a teacher

Easy to learn Chinese, with 3 steps.

1, Find a teacher

2, Schedule a lesson

3, Start

The details process and tips

1, Sign up with the email address

2, Set the username and password

3, Find a teacher and check their details resume, and choose one according to our learning style;

2 Find a teacher

4, Send our learning request the teacher

3 contact teacher

5, Purchased Cchatty Service Points (CSP) to pay our learning fee; (or redeem the discount coupon if you get)

4, CSP or Redeem

6, Check the Teacher's Availability Schedule and book their lesson. We could write a specific message to the teacher about this lesson and schedule, to double confirm with them; ( we can only book teacher's time in next 24 hours, not today. And the time zone has been automatically converted to student's local time.)

6.1 book a lesson

5, schedule the lesson

6.2  book the time, the time has automatically changed to student's time zone. and leave our Skype ID to teacher

6, confirm the leaning time

7,  Once the teacher confirmed our lesson request, the lesson is officially scheduled! (we can reschedule it 24 hours before the lesson start)

8, Before the lesson, confirm the learning book or lesson outline with the teacher;

9, Wait and preview the learning content, or check the Syllabus ( in the dashboard, the lesson details ) if written by the teacher.

8, Syllabus

10, Start our lesson with our preferred tools, or even face to face;

11, Confirm our lesson after completed, the lesson status will be changed to "completed", only the Student confirmed the lesson, the Teacher can receive the payment;

12, And feedback to the teacher, to let all of us know your feeling about the lesson.

7, complete the lesson

13,  Book a new lesson, we can pay for it only for once by once (or a lesson package released by a teacher), without having to pay a lot of money at a time.


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