How to learn Chinese

Many foreign friends ask us:

Why is learning Chinese more difficult?

Why is reading good, but speaking is wrong?

Why is it that we can't use Chinese in our real life?

In our point of view, the main reason is that there is no right phonetic foundation at the beginning of the entry stage, and not establish the correct nature order in mind, and not speak the Chinese with the "Chinese style."

1, We often say "A mispronunciation cause eternal hate." If the pronunciation is not right, the ability to distinguish the sound is not good. And then in communicating with people, we affect the understanding of the discourse, cause miscommunication, misunderstanding, and even jokes. Moreover, it will also directly affect the students' learning motivation and learning effect.

2. When adults learn Chinese, we must establish correct nature order of Chinese in mind. Because of the influenced by the mother tongue, many students often speak Chinese in their native language, not only inaccurately and ungrammatical, but also a strange feeling.

3. Lack of understanding of Chinese people and Chinese culture, and lack of flexibility in different scenes of life, and cannot correctly speak Chinese on various occasions.

Therefore, we should emphasize the teaching of the introductory stage, emphasize the language learning environment and the use of language. In the process of learning Chinese, as far as possible use the “Immersion Chinese Teaching Method.” Through the immersion teaching, train the students’ Chinese language sense and teach the Chinese way of thinking, thus to lay a solid foundation for further learning. We should try our best to follow this principle of " If a student does not speak a Chinese word, the teacher will not speak a foreign language."

At the same time, we advocate the " Communicative Language Teaching." Let the students fluently use Chinese in their life and work through the method of “Teach only the essential and Ensure plenty of practice.” Our ultimate goal is to the training of students' ability to communicate creatively in Chinese.In the course of teaching, from the students' demands, create and simulate the real language environment, let the students enter the role and give them more opportunities to speak.

Easy to Learn Chinese, and happy to make friends. Enjoy the time of learning Chinese in Cchatty!







1, 我们常说“一失音成千古恨”,发音不准,发音不好,辩音能力就差,在与人交流时会影响话语的理解,造成沟通不畅,产生误会和笑话。也会直接影响学员学习的积极性和学习效果;

2, 成人学习汉语时,一定要在头脑中建立正确的汉语语序。受母语的影响,很多学生常常按母语语序说汉语,不但不准确也不通顺,给人一种奇怪的感觉;

3, 缺乏对中国人和中国文化的了解,在不同的生活场景中不能灵活运用,不能得体地说汉语。




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