Article Writing in Cchatty

Article Writing in Cchatty - Overall Guideline

1, Valuable

2, Over 2,500 Words 

3, User's Perspective

4, No Copyright Issues

5, High-Quality Pictures

6, InInner Link and Outer Link

7, KISS (Keep it Simple and Stupid)

8, Use "we or they", don't use "you"

9, Logical Connection

Article Title

1, Short (within10 words)

2, Capital

3, Keyword

4, Attraction

5, Try to begin with the number


7 Ways to Learn Chinese Characters

10 Famous Buildings in Beijing

20 Minutes to Know Chinese Food

Brief Introduction

1, Keywords or related Words

2,  Q&A Model (optional)

3,  ~40 Words


What's the best way to learn Chinese Characters? We could get those 7 effective ways of learning Chinese Characters, and Just take 3 months to practice those ways.

Supporting Paragraph

1, Keywords

2, Topic Sentence

3, Specific and Comprehensive Evidence/Supporting

4, Heading and Subheading

5, Within 300 Words of Each Subheading

6, Picture in Each Paragraph

Transitions words:

Addition Signals:  one, first, second, the third, also, next, further, likewise;

Time Signals:  first, then, after, while, meanwhile, soon, by then, since;

Space Signals:  next to, to the left, below, near,  besides, far from;

Change-of-Direction Signals:  but, however, still, otherwise, instead;

Illustration Signals:  for example, such as, for instance, specifically;

Conclusion Signals:  therefore, thus, as a result, to conclude, finally.

Concluding Paragraph

1, Summary

2, Prediction

3, Final Thought

4, Recommendation

5, Thought-Provoking Quotation

Writing Topics

1, Chinese Cultures

1.1 Chinese Food/Holiday/Medicine/Zodiac

1.2 Chinese Tea/Kung Fu/Architecture/Clothes

1.3 China Drama/Art/Folk Custom

1.4 Ancient China/Philosophy of Religion

1.5 Chinese Element/Symbol

2, Travel in China

2.1 Travel Guide

2.2 City Introduction

2.3 China World Cultural and Natural Heritage

3, Chinese Language

3.1 Chinese Characters

3.2 Chinese Idiom

3.3 Comprehensive/Exam Skills

3.4 Summary of Learning Experience

3.5 Suggestion and Recommendation

4, China Today

4.1 Dialy Life

4.2 Education

4.3 Infrastructure

4.4 Living Environment

4.5 Economic Development

5, CSP(Chinese for Specific Purpose)

5.1 Business in China

5.2 Sports

5.3 TMC, Traditional Chinese Medicine

5.4 Law

5.5 Science

5.6 Engineering

5.7 Translation

NOTES: Cchatty Reserve the right to modify

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